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Power Flushing - Central Heating and Boilers

Plumb Heat Direct offers an extensive power flushing service, for all existing central heating systems, as well as new central heating and boiler installations.

Why Does My Central Heating System Need A Power Flush?

Rust occurs in central heating systems producing a black sludge and in hard water areas; lime scale builds up just like in your kettle causing the following problems:

  1. Radiators get cold at the bottom from trapped black sludge.
  2. Radiators cold at the top from trapped gas / air
  3. No hot water from blocked pipes / heat exchangers
  4. Boiler cutting out and no circulation due to blocked pumps due to black sludge
  5. Irritating noises from the boiler due to sludge / lime scale build ups. This can be a sign of imminent problems

Power Flushing Services for boilers and central heating systems in London: Plumb Heat Direct - Plumbing and Heating Specialists

Fitting A New Boiler To Old Existing Central Heating Pipe Work?

Modern efficient boilers have smaller components, which are easily blocked by sludge and debris in existing and time even new central heating systems. Boiler manufactures insist that heating systems are to be thoroughly flushed through before installing new boilers.  Unflushed systems have resulted in premature failure of boilers and can lead to manufactures cancelling their warranties leaving the customer to suffer the cost of a new boiler.

What Will I Get Once My System Has Been Power Flushed?

  1. Working Hot Radiators and Reliable Hot Water
  2. Rust Protected Sludge / Lime Scale Free Central Heating
  3. Efficient Central Heating
  4. Lower Maintenance and Fuel Bills
  5. Peace Of Mind

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